Partners in Engineering Excellence


Keystone Electronics delivers professional product development solutions that are technology agnostic, intelligently designed and solve everyday issues with ingenuity. We do whatever it takes to get the job done ethically, reliably and with a touch of brilliance. From our Research and Development team to our turnkey product development and production facilitation, we create something amazing every week.

Our team is made up of bright and experienced engineers and we are always looking for new solutions to old problems. We often find them. Just take a look at our latest solutions and services for a glimpse of the magic. Our solutions are suitable for a diverse range of industries that include telecoms, mining, petrochemical and so much more.

Engage with us and experience excellence.

We believe that engineering is a form of magic. It can be used to craft an array of solutions and systems that can solve problems, address issues and overcome challenges. Our business is dynamic and fresh, ready work with our clients in crafting solutions that suit them and their individual requirements. No one business is the same, we understand that and we will work with you to develop what you need.

Our R&D Department tries new things all the time. We are averse to becoming embedded in old ways and so our philosophy is to find innovation under every problem and within each project and solution.

Keystone Electronics partners with clients to create rich solutions that are as dynamic and vibrant as the people that populate both your company and ours.