Current Solutions

Some of our more inventive and innovative ideas, right here

Keystone Electronic Solutions is a small company with big expertise. We have developed bespoke hardware that is tuned to specific client needs, we have created Guinnux, our own Linux operating system, and we have launched a South African first with Blue Penguin. Want to know more? Select the solution from the drop-down menu, click on a link below or contact us on

Remote Site Monitoring

The Keystone Electronic Solutions’ Remote Site Monitoring System (RSM) delivers intelligent site monitoring through the use of Internet of Things functionality and an array of features and technical specifications.

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Keystone Electronic Solutions identified the need for a video surveillance platform that could deploy an augmentation to the existing Keystone remote monitoring and management solutions such as the RSM Remote Site Monitoring system .

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Blue Penguin

Blue Penguin was designed and created by Keystone Electronic and allows for the creation of technology solutions and open-source platforms where the only limit is the client’s imagination. Running on Guinnux, a Linux operating system…

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