Blue Penguin

One Board, a Thousand uses

Keystone Electronic Solution’s flagship product, the Blue Penguin, is a CPU module that allows users to create computers and open-source platforms to fit their own specifications. Blue Penguin gives users complete control over how they develop and create solutions in a cost-effective and customisable environment.

Relying on Keystone’s version of Linux, dubbed Guinnux, the Blue Penguin’s operating system closely follows desktop and server Linux distributions in order to create a familiar and predictable development experience.

Guinnux provides access to over 13,000 packaged applications and libraries, available for installation from the Guinnux Web Repository.

The Blue Penguin board is the size of a business card and needs a 3.3VDC for power. It allows for flexible and scalable development of ingenious solutions that have significant business applications.

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• SAMA5D36 ARM Cortex-A5 processor running at 536MHz

• 32-bit RAM access with either 256 or 512 Mbytes of DDR2 RAM running at 533MHz

• Micro SD-card holder with supporting up to 32Gbytes

• JTAG debug connector

• Two SPI flashes for the main Guinnux (Linux) operating system

• Low power consumption and only requires 3.3V at typical 300mA to operate

• The board fits into a low cost 200 pin SODIMM connector

• The end user has access through the SODIMM connector to the following peripherals:

      ◦ 2 MAC/Ethernet interfaces at 10/100Mbits each

      ◦ 4 USARTS ports

      ◦ 2 UARTS ports

      ◦ Debug UART

      ◦ 8-bit High speed multimedia card interface

      ◦ 2 Synchronous serial controllers (only SSC0 can be used if GMAC is used)

      ◦ 1 SPI interface

      ◦ 3 Twin wire interfaces

      ◦ 1 CAN interface (cant be used is GMAC is used)

      ◦ 1 Soft modem

      ◦ 2 USB hosts

      ◦ 1 USB device

      ◦ 24-bit LCD with resistive touch interface

      ◦ Image sensor interface

     ◦ 10 ADC channels

     ◦ Many GPIOs

Blue Penguin’s onboard support for scripting languages such as lua, PHP and Python allows for immediate onboard application development and deployment without the use of cross compilers.

The Guinnux cross compile tool chain and development libraries are available for customers from the Guinnux site.

Linux Device Tree support enables the quick and easy deployment of the Blue Penguin module on any custom hardware. This allows Keystone to provide services such as the development of bespoke Blue Penguin mother board PCBs, customisation of the Linux kernel and drivers for specialised hardware, as well as Linux application development and integration.

The Blue Penguin module combines ease of use with functionality. The module only requires a 3.3 volts power source to function. At 68x48mm, it is smaller than a credit card.

The module plugs into a standard 200-pin SODIMM connector on the customer’s application board. The SODIMM connector holds the module firmly in place for most applications. The module also has one mounting hole if more rigidity is required.


The Blue Penguin supports and is preprogrammed with Guinnux (Linux). Current protocols and software in the Guinnux distribution are listed below but not limited to.
• Linux kernel version 3.10.16 – Device tree Enabled
• IPTables based NAT gateway and firewall
• OPKG Package Manager
• SSH remote login support
• HTTP with CGI support
• OpenVPN (connection via GSM modem)
• SNMP – Manager and Agent
• Modbus RTU / ASCII / TCP protocol
• Veeder Root

• TCP via Serial
• Lua scripting interface
• Python scripting interface
• Mono .NET framework
• Standard GNU/glibc development runtime environment