Remote Site Monitoring System

Intelligent design for exceptional functionality

The Keystone Electronic Solutions’ Remote Site Monitoring System (RSM) delivers intelligent site monitoring through the use of Internet of Things functionality and an array of features and technical specifications. Control functionalities can be provided as installable applications ranging from climate control, the Logic Engine and on-board Weigand access control.

RSM is easy to install and maintain. The connectors are all either RJ-type crimp connectors or pluggable screw terminal connectors and system configuration is done through an on-board web interface that is accessible over LAN/WAN port or USB. It has its own Android Bluetooth application to configure the system and is a proven drop-in replacement for many site management solutions.

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See below for a list of specifications, features, types of RSM modules and a preview of the Remote Site Monitoring Unit.


RSM Specifications


Controller Specifications

POWER SUPPLY: DC 42-59V (48V Nominal)



  • 4x IEEE 802.3 10/100 Mbps Auto crossover detect LAN interfaces
  • 1x IEEE 802.3 10/100 Mbps Auto crossover detect WAN interfaces
  • 3x 12VDC Powered RS485 sensor buses
  • 2x 12VDC output, industrial standard 2-way plug screw terminal connectors
  • An USB 2.0 Host Interface
  • An USB 2.0 Device Interface
  • An on-board GSM modem
  • An on-board Bluetooth V3.0 Interface 


  • 850 MIPS ARM A5 CPU
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 32MB Boot Flash
  • >4GB uSD Card Storage – Upgradable up to 32GB
  • Non Volatile RTC
  • Typical Power Consumption of 2W


MODBUS enabled devices

  • Deep Sea DCS7320
  • CE+T Inverter (T2S interface)

SNMP enabled devices via Ethernet

  • NID → Transition SISGM1040-244-LRT / Transition SISGM1040-262D
  • Rectifier → Eaton SC200 / Eltek Smartpack /Enatel SM36
  • Switch → DLink DES-3526
  • UPS → Delta
  • Inverter → T2S from CE+T


RSM Blue Controller

  • 1U, ½ width, 19″ Rack Mount 170mm Deep


See below a list of different versions of RSM:

RSM IO SpecificationsRSM HYBRID SpecificationsRSM MEGA IO SpecificationsRSM PLUG-IN IO SpecificationsRSM BTS Specifications




Device Protocols:

  • SNMP – Manager and Agent
  • Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP protocol
  • DLMS
  • Veeder Root


  • Guinnux Application Distributions
  • Linux Kernel version 3.10.16 – Device tree Enabled
  • IPTables based NAT gateway and firewall
  • OPKG Package Manager
  • SSH remote login support
  • SSL
  • HTTP with CGI support
  • FTP 
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • OpenVPN  (connection via GSM modem)
  • PPTP
  • PPP
  • TCP via Serial
  • Lua scripting interface
  • Python scripting interface
  • Mono .NET framework
  • Standard GNU/glibc development runtime environment