4 December 2017 – PRETORIA Updates to the ‘linux-guinnux’ and the ‘gnx-networking’; now allows Guinnux to interface to QMI enabled GSM modems with libqmi. The QMI WWAN capabilities of the kernel provides for a much more familiar networking experience, rather than that of the PPP interfaces. QMI is a packet orientated protocol which serves as a replacement for the traditional PPP + AT command networking.


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The QMI WWAN interfaces are more similar to Ethernet interfaces and allows for much more complex networking and routing solutions to be implemented.
The updated packages will now automatically detect QMI compatible devices and create the networking profiles for them. In the name of backward compatibility, the current ‘gsm’ PPP network profiles are still kept and the ‘WWAN’ QMI profile is generated alongside it. This gives users the opportunity to make use of either of the technologies.


Guinnux for Beagle Bone Black can be found here: http://wiki.guinnux.org/doku.php?id=bbb:install


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