Available immediately, Project V provides centrally managed video surveillance through event/alarm triggered video or via VOD interface


19 October 2016 – PRETORIA – Keystone Electronic Solutions, a leading South African electronics research and development company, today announced Project V: a video surveillance solution, aimed at providing centrally managed video surveillance – either through event/ alarm triggered video streaming, or via a video-on-demand interface.


The stream on trigger video platform is not only able to provide Digital Video Recording (DVR) archiving on the central Project V server, but also at remote sites. Integration with customer systems, such as network management systems, access management systems, trouble ticket management and reporting tools, can be provided through an open integration Application Program Interface (API).


Project V consists of remote site equipment in the form of Keystone’s Remote Site Monitoring (RSM) unit and a central surveillance platform, which is deployed in a central data centre. All user access to the central surveillance platform is provided through a web user interface. This is accessible via a standard web browser without the need to install or maintain any user applications.


John Eigelaar, Director and co-founder of Keystone Electronic Solutions commented, “We are extremely excited about Project V. As far as we are aware, there are no other products available today that can match this technology. We have had a dedicated team work on this project over the past few months and have had a few field trials with select customers. Project V can overcome a number of challenges for our customers – it makes security and surveillance much easier and more effective, and thus creates a huge cost saving.”

Key Features

  • Record keeping:

Certain video triggers can be set up to either start or stop the video recording and streaming.

  • Security:

Real-time streaming makes it possible for security teams to determine how to respond to a security incident. For example, in the event of intruder detection alarm, security teams will be alerted and will be able to see live video streaming. They can then more effectively judge how to respond to the particular event.

  • Bandwidth:

The bandwidth can be selected on each on-site unit. Depending on the selected bandwidth, the AV video will either be streamed to the Project V server or recorded locally on the board. In both cases the alarm events will be transmitted across the CnE over the network. Operators can also request AV streams/recording from the web graphical user interface (GUI).

  • Audio visual:

The RSM unit is permanently connected to the available IP cameras and will pull available AV streams from the cameras depending on the alarm/event triggered. Streams can be stored locally or be pushed up to the Project V server, for remote recording or viewing of the stream.

  • NMS Backhaul:

The video surveillance platform allows for the backhaul of the CnE pipe and the AV streams, either across an Ethernet WAN interface or the onboard 3G GSM modem.

  • Camera integration:

The platform integrates with any IP camera. Additionally, any I/O interface that a camera might provide (such as zone or movement triggers) can be integrated with the platform as part of the site security profile.

  • Scalability:

The platform has been designed to be highly scalable from an interface point of view. The number of I/Os available to the system is easily scaled from a standalone device to a large installation by adding further RSM IO modules.




About Keystone Electronic Solutions

Keystone Electronic Solutions is an electronics research and development company, offering organisations the opportunity to outsource their design and product requirements to a highly skilled team of electronic engineers.


The company’s team of experts is able to create new and innovative ways of creating electronic products, making use of the best available technology and maximising efficiencies to substantially reduce manufacturing and implementation costs. Their expertise includes both electronics and IT hardware and software, enabling them to develop a total solution for their clients’ product creation, as well as integrating the resulting product into any existing manufacturing or IT environment.


Founded in 2007 by two Directors, John Eigelaar and Ivan Popov, Keystone provides local support and design updates to clients, resulting in quick turnaround time, cost savings and reduce the time to market.



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