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Keystone Electronic Solutions announces the availability of enterprise embedded linux for 64-Bit ARM cores

19 January 2017 – PRETORIA – Keystone Electronic Solutions, a leading South African provider of rich and robust engineering and electronics solutions, today announced that Guinnux – a Linux-based operating system distribution – is now available as 64-bit ARM cores for true Linux enterprise embedded solutions.

Guinnux for 64-bit ARM cores is now available from the Guinnux arch64 repository while the accompanying toolchain, incorporating the proven Guinnux toolchain dependency management system, is available for download from the Guinnux site  here. Instructions on how to get Guinnux aarch64 up and running in a qemu VM can be found here.

John Eigelaar, Keystone Electronic Solution’s Founder and Guinnux developer, commented, “The Guinnuz aarch64 port opens a world of opportunities for Guinnux in the media and data processing space. On top of increased performance, the 64-bit platform allows for the deployment of more complex solutions into remote locations. Problems such as advanced image processing can now be done in real-time at sites in the field. We know that 64-bit ARM is the future of embedded Linux platforms, and we strive to be the market leaders; our solution enables clients to stay ahead in a very competitive environment.”

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Established in 2007, Keystone Electronic Solutions provides a range of electronic engineering research and development (R&D) services in order to assist customers with product development and preparing the product for the market.

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