Keystone Electronic Solutions, a leading South African provider of rich and robust engineering and electronics solutions, has formed a new partnership with CK Solutions, a premier engineering company with expertise in the telecoms industry. This alliance will see CK Solutions leverage its extremely strong relationships with core customers and its ability to devise forward-thinking solutions alongside Keystone’s capabilities and vast experience in engineering, programming and software design.

“We develop a range of electronic monitoring products through our own engineering team and realised early on that Keystone brings something unique to the table,” says Marlon Naicker, Business Development Executive at CK Solutions. “The team at Keystone does the software and electrical engineering at a faster rate than we do so it made sense for us to form a partnership so we can go to market faster.”

The range that the alliance is currently focusing on is the Remote Site Monitoring device called RSM Blue. The agreement ensures that CK Solutions have complete access to the product while remaining responsible for sales, distribution and support. Keystone’s responsibilities are to include development along with engineering the physical units, maintenance and getting the product ready for market at a competitive rate.

“CK Solutions has impressive relationships with the right customer base and a superb customer reach,” says John Eigelaar, CEO and co-founder of Keystone Electronics. “They also have an exciting young engineering team that is as energised about ideas and solutions for the future as we are.”

While there are other products on the market that are well entrenched with the prospective customer base, the Keystone Electronics and CK Solutions product offering is strong enough to capture market attention and transform the way things are done. It is not new, but it is competitive and offers users a one-box type solution that’s capable and tight. It delivers an elegantly simple answer to the question of site management within the telecoms sector.

“Our relationship with Keystone complements other product offerings we currently roll out to customers and it gives us another avenue to satisfy our client base,” says Naicker. “Keystone is vastly experienced and a fantastic product development house when it comes to engineering, programming and software. They are forward-thinkers and we want to associate ourselves with people like this.”

Certainly the partnership provides both organisations with the leverage and support they need to take a remarkable product offering to market. RSM Blue is small, simple and cost-effective, providing clients with a superb management tool that streamlines processes, adds additional layers of security and cuts back on complexity.

“CK Solutions have a fantastic customer base and understanding of the market and we believe that this will give us the chance to grow our product offering while simultaneously working with a company that is dynamic and exciting,” concludes Eigelaar.

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