Keystone Guinnux framework now Arch Linux ARM based with significant benefits and features

7 April 2016 – PRETORIA – Keystone Electronic Solutions, a leading South African provider of rich and robust engineering and electronics solutions, today announced its version of Guinnux v5, a Linux-based operating system distribution. Keystone has significantly enhanced its Guinnux offering to assure clients of improved ease of use, enhanced features and robust performance. The latest Guinnux distribution is now based on Arch Linux ARM distribution merged with the Keystone resilience and capabilities as standard.

“There is a noticeable difference between Guinnux V4, which we were working on prior to this, and Guinnux V5, the system we have in play now,” says John Eigelaar, Director and Co-Founder of Keystone Electronic Solutions. “It has a number of failsafes and support structures which will make a huge difference to our clients.”

Keystone’s version of Guinnux is more industrialised than existing Guinnux ARM solutions. The Guinnux rescue file system which allows users to boot into flash should the embedded system fail, has been retained and upgraded to allow for a simpler system recovery. The system can now be recovered without having to re-flash an image – a useful addition which saves more than just time. Keystone has also adapted the boot loader so users are able to boot kernels from any external file system. This allows for Keystone to distribute and upgrade kernel packages from anywhere and at any time, without interrupting service.

“We have customised the build tool which comes with the arch distro so it is a lot easier for our clients, and ourselves, to construct custom packages and solutions,” adds Eigelaar. “This new version of Guinnux is allowing us to adopt the Arch Linux way of doing things, but with much-needed extras we have put in ourselves. Of course, we have applied the Guinnux philosophy to the distro so it remains as solid and impressive as ever, but our version is just that little bit easier to use with significant versatility.”

Guinnux V5 allows for custom development of environments so clients can build their own software on top of it and is another notch in the Keystone ethos of creating elegant solutions to complex problems.

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Established in 2007, Keystone Electronic Solutions provides a range of electronic engineering research and development (R&D) services in order to assist customers with product development and preparing the product for the market. Based in Waterkloof, Pretoria, the company services the national market, primarily in telecommunications, but increasingly in mining, security and retail.

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