Keystone Electronics, a leading South African provider of rich and robust engineering and electronics solutions, has developed a simple and seamless app for swift management and control of their Remote Site Monitoring System (RSM). The Keystone RSM allows for the supervision of all IP-enabled equipment on a site over LAN with SNMP and the app provides a much more convenient method of configuring and observing data on the system.

“The app, named BlueGoo to tie in with the RSM Blue device names, can be used as an alternative interface for RSM devices alongside the current web interfaces,” says John Eigelaar, Co-Founder and CEO of Keystone Electronics. “This provides our clients with a reliable and easy method for configuring the system and observing the data and readings on the RSM. Originally they were only able to use a laptop and a working network and now, with this app, they can use any Android device from anywhere.”

BlueGoo has a significantly faster response time than the traditional web interface currently in use when communicating with the RSM. Not only does this streamline management processes, but it helps to reduce the amount of time spent on working on the system.

“BlueGoo can connect to RSM Blue via either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on a network,” says Eigelaar. “It can almost be described as a portable Human-Machine Interface for RSM thanks to its ubiquity and capability. Users can download it easily from Google Play for free and any updates will automatically be applied through the site as well.”

Developed in-house by Keystone engineers, the BlueGoo app is rich and dynamic, able to handle an array of functions within the RSM network. It is also not the only app to come from the South African firm, with the Gridlock Access Management (GLAM) Bluetooth Key, ATC Interlock and Job Card Tracker all available on Google Play and each boasting impressive abilities.

“GLAM Bluetooth is an application developed for Smart Locking Logic (Pty) Ltd as part of their Product Grid Lock to provide a cost effective user interface for their GLAM Bluetooth Key, while the Job Card Tracker is an elegant application that helps clients to manage their jobs more effectively and can be used for roaming service personnel to track activities on a job card,” says Eigelaar.

Job Card Tracker can automatically: log distances travelled, submit information to the supervisor and provide real-time and up to date information for invoicing and time management. Currently used by two South African organisations, it is also downloadable from Google Play for free.

“Lastly, we have ATC Interlock which is currently being rolled out to 3,000 users and delivers an integrated service to both the access management system with SSL grid lock and fault tracking with the Footprints customer relationship management app,” says Eigelaar. “We developed this app to resolve challenges around call centre volumes as access management and tracking, ticket creation, were all done manually. This app now logs in from any Android device from anywhere in the field, automatically registers a request and generates a ticket. It has seen organisations save massively on time and tracking issues.

All four applications were developed by Keystone Electronics to provide their clients with further functionalities and capabilities and to drive efficiencies within their systems. Available on Google Play for free, each app is uniquely South African and remarkably ubiquitous.

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