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Guinnux Starter Kit

Introduction to Guinnux

Guinnux is a Linux-based operating system distribution that consists of the Guinnux kernel, root file system images, an application repository of prepackaged binary applications and utilities, as well as the associated development tools and libraries to enable the development and porting of applications to the Guinnux environment. Guinnux is available free of charge from: www.guinnux.org
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Guinnux Starter Kit

Download the Guinnux Starter Kit Brochure here.

Product description

The Guinnux Starter Kit serves as an easy entry point for the evaluation of the Guinnux runtime and development environment.

The Guinnux starter kit consists of the following:
  • ARM9-based development board
  • 5V / 220V AC external power supply
  • MicroSD card for use with the development board.
The Guinnux development board has several IO interfaces such as 2 x RS232 Serial interfaces, USB 1.1 Host and Device ports, 10/100MB LAN Interface and an IO expansion connector to provide access to all unused IO / Peripheral functionality on the board.

The Guinnux development board is shipped with the latest Guinnux Linux Kernel preprogrammed onto the board and the default Guinnux ext4 root file system loaded onto the accompanying microSD card.

The Guinnux kernel binary and root file system images are available for download from www.guinnux.org and the development board can be upgraded or reprogrammed through the onboard Redboot boot loader.

The default root file system contains all the utilities to remotely access and customize the Guinnux development board. The openSSH server and the OPKG Package Manager are included, amongst others.

The OPKG Package Manager is configured to make use of the Guinnux package repository at www.guinnux.org.

The repository contains a rich set of prepackaged open source applications and binaries which can be installed onto the Guinnux development board by making use of the OPKG command utility. The Guinnux OPKG package repository is actively maintained and packages can be upgraded on the Guinnux board by making use of the OPKG upgrade interface.

The main design goal of Guinnux was to create a compact yet expandable system, without reducing application portability.