The Internet of Things

Inventive IoT implementation and development

The Internet of Things is often talked about, rarely developed. At Keystone Electronic Solutions, we do it.

We provide Internet of Things (IoT) integration, development and innovation with a ready-made, turnkey solution that is already IoT operational and capable. Our in-house research and development (R&D) departments are continually crafting services that evaluate how IoT can be used in the most advanced and effective ways.

We ensure we use the right technology for each client and evaluate processes and solutions to make sure this stays the same from day of implementation to well into the future. We help our clients make money through modern, innovative and active IoT solutions and services.

Our Remote Site Management (RSM) solution is IoT driven and already in use across a variety of clients and industries.

The Keystone Electronic Solutions’ RSM system is a simple and cost-effective tool that allows for the supervision of all IP-enabled equipment on a site over LAN with SNMP. This includes elements such as rectifiers, network equipment and switches. In addition, a range of DLMS Smart Power meters as well as Modbus-enabled devices such as Genset controllers, inverters, PLCs can be monitored over LAN or RS485.

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