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Keystone Electronic Solutions has an array of Linux services on offer, from embedded Linux to Blue Penguin to Guinnux. Embedded Linux is used to develop impressive solutions and we understand exactly how it can be used, by whom and when. Our Blue Penguin solution ticks all the boxes of a robust distro and we have both support and services for Guinnux that form part of our embedded Linux offering.

We are Linux experts and we understand the rules. We know that certain factors need to be considered before, during and after any installation and we understand the challenges of security, hardware, data, patches and application proficiency.

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Not based on uClibc Unlike many other embedded Linux distributions based on uClibc, Guinnux is built around EGLIBC: a variant of the GNU C library optimised for use in embedded devices. EGLIBC strives to remain source- and binary-compatible with the standard glibc.

  • ARM-eabi compatibleAll binaries have been built with the Guinnux ARM-eabi toolchain. All the Guinnux packages and applications are binary compatible with all ARM-eabi architectures.
  • Built from original sourceGuinnux is built from the original source without custom patches.
  • Guinnux development environment follows PC closelyApplications that have been developed and tested on a Linux PC can be cross-compiled without changes to run on Guinnux hardware.
  • Opkg package management systemOpkg is a lightweight package management system for use with embedded systems. A range of applications are available in the Guinnux software repository.
  • Hardware available with Guinnux preinstalledFor more information, refer to the Guinnux Hardware page.