Mobile Development

Platform agnostic, effortlessly brilliant

Keystone Electronic Solutions provides customised and highly-specialised mobile services that include app development, mobile web interfaces and platform agnostic tools and solutions. Our apps are designed to fit within the scope and budget of a client’s requirements and can be tailored to suit any market or industry need. We have created a variety of app solutions that work in tandem with our existing solutions and work seamlessly with the services that we have on offer.

Current Keystone Electronics Solutions’ apps:

  • GLAM Bluetooth – used to operate GLAM Bluetooth Key
  • ATC Interlock – has over 3,000 users on an access management system with SSL grid lock and fault tracking with the Footprints customer relationship management app
  • Job Card Tracker – can automatically log distances travelled, submit information to a supervisor and provide real-time data for invoicing and time management

In addition to apps, we create mobile web interfaces for easier client and customer access on mobile devices and we assure clients of high-quality development and seamless results.

To develop a bespoke app or speak with an expert, please email