Remote Maintenance Management System

Harnessing the capabilities of IoT

The Remote Maintenance Management System (RMM) is a working Internet of Things (IoT) solution from Keystone Electronic Solutions. This remote unit can be installed into plants and onto equipment and has been designed to be user-friendly and easy to manage. It includes a simple and customisable web interface for complete management and control from a remote location. The data collected by the RMM unit can then be used to allow for more detailed and efficient maintenance planning and the monitoring of production outputs, targets and goals. This data can be tailored and targeted to fit within specific client requirements and delivers rich information for improved business processes.

RMM can integrate into any environment with legacy systems and the management platform is free to use with no hidden license fees. This IoT solution provides organisations with the information they need to improve processes, identify issues, transform legacy systems and address specific challenges.

If you’re looking for an elegant and simple solution to a complex problem, email or contact us.

The Keystone RMM is elegantly simple ad yet it masters a highly complex situation. Its design ensures that maintenance schedules are adhered to, that the right people receive emails at the right times and that any delayed activities are escalated to avoid mistakes or down time. It also help reduce the impact of the challenges presented by the modern economies of scale and provides the organisation with greater control within intelligent parameters.

Email Notification

  • Service Emails – This is a weekly email sent on Monday morning at 6 o’clock. It shows all the devices that are due and/or upcoming services
  • Daily Graph Emails – This is a daily email. It emails a .png file for all devices. Emails are separated into 25 Device per email. Port’s that are not set to active in the port details panel will not be shown on the emailed graphs.
  • Port out of bound Emails – This emails a users when a port reading goes either above or below the set bound line. Bound limits are set on the port details page.

User Management

  • Create/Delete/Disable/Edit new and existing customer.

Service Plan Management

  • A service plan stores a service hour and a type of service to be performed when a device’s hour exceed the service hours. Service plans can be create for either diesel or electric or both. Every device must have a service plan for it to be placed at a customer
  • Create/Delete/Edit Service Plans
  • Service History
  • Scheduled or Unscheduled Services

Alarm Management

  • Discovered – A New device is in the system. i.e a device that does not have a customer or a fleet. This will also happen if a fleet or customer is deleted from the system.
  • Inactive – When the device’s report interval and grace period expires. i.e when the time since last logged is more then the report interval plus the grace period.
  • Corrupted – When timestamps don’t match between device and manager.
  • Box Swapped – When a ‘new’ device logs in using a previously used serial number.
  • Power Failure – After the power has being turned off and comes back on.
  • Port Lower Bound – When a port reading is below the lower limit.
  • Port Higher Bound – When a port reading is above the upper limit.

Fleet Management

  • Services
  • Hours
  • Alarm Triggers

Device Management

  • Services
  • Hours
  • Alarm Triggers

Graph Reports

  • Diesel and Electric on/off.
  • Port Lines
  • Time Periods
  • Service History/Schedules



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