Services and solutions

Keystone Electronic Solutions creates dynamic solutions for our clients. Vibrant and inspired, we don’t just talk about ideas, we invent them.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is often talked about, rarely developed. At Keystone Electronic Solutions, we do it. We provide Internet of Things (IoT) integration, development and innovation with ready-made, turnkey…

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Keystone Electronic Solutions has an array of Linux services on offer, from embedded Linux to Blue Penguin to Guinnux. Embedded Linux is used to develop impressive solutions and we understand exactly how it can be used..

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Mobile Development

Keystone Electronic Solutions provides customised and highly-specialised mobile services that include app development, mobile web interfaces and platform agnostic tools and solutions. Our apps are designed…

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Keystone Electronic Solutions has a rich and diverse ICT offering that provides clients with plenty of variety alongside a focus on excellence and ingenuity. We create backend servers that integrate with different…

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Bespoke Hardware

We create bespoke hardware solutions that are designed to client specifications and requirements from schematic design to production-ready models. We work closely with our clients to develop solutions that…

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